Black Contact Lenses

Turn on the mystery with dramatic black coloured contact lenses

You’ll friends will think of you as a life sized black eyed doll when you show up for a night out wearing our bold black contact lenses. Howl at the moon with your friends with black rimmed wolf lenses or give them a long, soulless stare with our black out style lenses.

Wear black contacts every day. Safe for everyday wear, our black coloured contacts are an inexpensive way to change your day from dull to dramatic. Available in different styles, nothing completes a Halloween costume like these fashion contact lenses.  38% water based formula is easy on the eyes; they stay moist and comfortable.

Special occasion black coloured contact lenses are ideal for Masquerade parties, Halloween festivities or simply a fun costume pub crawl.

Get a bold dramatic look without it costing a fortune. Our premium black contact lenses are:

  • Safe for teens to adults
  • Water based for comfort
  • Sold in pairs
  • Fashion lenses, non-corrective

For sinfully black eyes that command attention, buy our black coloured contact lenses today!