Black out Coloured Contact Lenses

Mystify them with your soulless stare when you wear our black out contact lenses…

  • Free Contact Lens Storage Case
  • Sold in pairs
  • Wear daily for up to 90 days

You may be the life of the party, but who can tell behind those black out coloured contacts? Dress up like Raggedy Anne with a big red yarn wig and these big dark doll eyes. Or create the soulless look of a zombie. Cosmetic lenses are a quick, fun and easy way to accessorize a costume or change your eye colour for a day or even weeks at a time. Just remember to take them out at night and follow proper contact lens care.

Black out coloured contacts go on smoothly. Quality fashion lenses are 38% water, so they won’t dry out and eyes can breathe. Wear them for hours at a Halloween or Masquerade party and watch how people will want to escape your gaze.

Who? Whether you have naturally light or dark coloured eyes, our black out coloured contact lenses suit anyone.

What? Costume non-prescription contact lenses won’t help or hinder your day or night vision. With a base curve of 8.6 mm and 14.2 mm diameter, black out contact lenses fit the curve of most teen and adult eyes.

Wear? Safely wear black out coloured contacts daily for up to 90 days. Simply remove and clean at night, keeping them in the free rinse and store case included with your order.

Buy a pair of black out contacts for you and your partner and go to your next dress up event as the dolls that you are. Even a zombie can afford to look our prices in the eyes.