Blue Contact Lenses

Turn heads with beautiful blue contact lenses

Some have compared a gaze from a blue eyed belle to a sudden jolt of electricity. Others say it’s like looking into wide open skies, filled with limitless possibilities. Either way, when you wear our blue coloured contacts you’ll have them feeling weak in the knees.

Wear our blue contacts every day. For everyday wear our vibrant blue contact lenses are simply captivating. Available in unique dual tints and realistic triple tone colour patterns, you’ll be getting second glances every day. Manufactured using the latest in cosmetic eyewear technology each standard pair has 42% water content so they feel remarkably comfortable from the moment you put them on. A base curve of 8.6mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm mean they will fit well over most eyes. Plus our non-corrective lenses are suitable for all eye colours and shades.

Special occasion blue contact lenses are ideal for when you want hypnotizing eyes. Try our easy to apply, 38% water blue contact lenses in unique star designs and other sensational styles.

Change your eye colour for one special evening, turn a few heads everyday or simply have your eyes match your mood or clothes with our high quality blue coloured contacts.

  • Safe way to a fresh confident new you
  • Water based for up to three months (90 days) of comfortable wear
  • Quick and affordable lenses sold in pairs
  • For cosmetic use only, non-corrective

For blue eyes that make the sky look pale, buy our high quality blue coloured contacts today!