Blue Star Coloured Contact Lenses

Fairy star eyes mesmerize with Blue Star Coloured Contact lenses…

  • Comes with free contact storage case
  • Blue Star Contacts sold in pairs
  • Wear comfortably for up to 90 days

Twinkle, twinkle little fairy star! All eyes will be on you when your sport these heptagram or 7 pointed blue star colour contacts. Is it any wonder this star is a symbol of perfection?

Made of 38% water, Blue Star contact lenses are easy to apply and gentle on the eyes.

Who? Whatever your natural eye colour is, everyone’s eyes look remarkable when wearing our fashionable blue star coloured contacts.

What? Plano lenses don’t affect your vision the way corrective lenses do. With an 8.6 mm base curve and 14.3 mm diameter, they fit most eyes comfortably. Special effect blue star contacts are sold in pairs.

Wear? When properly cared for you can enjoy wearing your lenses daily for up to 90 days. Just be sure to clean them thoroughly at night when you remove them. Store them safely in the included contact lens case for next time.

Fantastic fairy star eyes can be yours at a price you can afford. Buy Blue star coloured contact lenses today!