Crazy Contact Lenses

Wear our Crazy colour contact lenses and be the life of the party

Whether you are going to a fantasy party, cosplay event or Mardi Gras masquerade you’ll love our selection of crazy contact lenses. Keep your eyes wide open on our selection of cat eye colour contact lenses in every colour you could imagine. Whatever zany or wild-eyed expression you are after, we’ve got the right crazy coloured contacts for the job! Be creative and buy 2 or more pairs and mix and match them for a unique look that’s all your own.

Wear Crazy contact lenses every day for up to 90 days. Special effects and novelty contact lenses make an impression that’s as fun and stylish as you are. Buy crazy coloured contacts to change an outfit from just OK to outstanding.

Our gentle on the eyes lenses are 38% water based so they glide on easily. Highly breathable, they stay moist. Wear them comfortably for hours and then take them out to sleep.

Special occasion Crazy contact lenses are ideal for Halloween bashes and dress up parties of every kind. At work or play, these zany lenses provide hours of attention-getting fun!

Look silly one day and stylish the next. Our novelty contact lenses are affordable so you can plan ahead by ordering several pairs.

Crazy coloured contact lenses are:

  • Safe for teens
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Only sold in pairs
  • For cosmetic use only