Dual Tone Sky Blue Coloured Contact Lenses

Get in touch with your inner blue eyed bombshell with dual tone sky blue coloured contact lenses…

  • Free Contact Lens Case included
  • All lenses sold as pairs
  • Wear your blue contacts for up to 90 days

You can be as calm and deep as the ocean. Other times, you’re overflowing with intensity. Our dual tone sky blue contact lenses have a realistic, natural design that lets your true nature shine through. Fashion lenses are a quick, easy way to change your eye colour, for a day, a week or even months at a time.

Blue coloured contacts glide on easily and since they are made of 42% water, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. That is, until the next person complements you on your stunning sky blue eyes!

Who? Dual tone sky blue coloured contact lenses look great on any eye colour.

What? Fashion lenses won’t affect your vision. Designed to fit most eyes, they have a base curve (B.C) of 8.6 mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm. Affordable blue contacts; sold by the pair.

Wear? When properly cared for, you can wear our high quality blue coloured contact lenses every day for up to 90 days. Simply remove them at night and store them in your free contact lens case.

Buy one pair of dual tone sky blue contact lenses for a fun, temporary change on special occasions or buy more and enjoy your new look for longer.