Dual Tone Violet Coloured Contact Lenses

For vibrant violet eyes you need Dual Tone Violet Coloured Contact Lenses…

  • Free contact lens case
  • Sold by the pair
  • 90 comfort wear
  • No prescription needed

Go vibrant with colourful eyes that they’ll never forget. Very rare in nature, people with violet coloured eyes are said to be enlightened creatures who are seeking spiritual truths.

Our highly breathable, 42% water contact lenses feel light as a feather when you are wearing them.

Who? Whether your natural eye colour is on the light or dark side, dual tone violet coloured contacts look amazing on everybody. Safe for teens and adults, our soft contact lenses glide on easily.

What? Cosmetic lenses won’t disrupt your vision. Designed for optimal fit and everyday comfort, our violet coloured contacts are 14.2 mm round with a base curve of 8.6 mm.

Wear? With proper cleaning and care, you can wear your new contacts every day, for up to 90 days. Use regular soft contact lens solution and follow the instructions provided. Keep your lenses safely stored in your convenient new contact lens case.

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