Green Contact Lenses

Look to Green coloured contacts for a taste of the exotic

Green is a fresh and vibrant colour that everyone gets a lift wearing. People with green eyes are said to have compassion and empathy for others.

Just putting on these green coloured contacts will boost your energy!

Wear Green contact lenses every day. If you are looking for a refreshing change in your eye colour, you’ll want to buy green coloured contacts. We have two lively tones to choose from. Natural looking dual tone green lenses have a dark outer rim with an emerald green centre. Triple tone lenses also have a dark outer rim, with a splash of lustrous green followed by a light golden brown centre that adds dimension and contrast. Our lenses are 42% water, so you’ll probably forget your wearing them.

Special Occasion green colour contact lenses are ideal for celebrations, like St. Patrick’s Day. Nobody will be able to say you forgot to wear green! Once opened, our lenses last for up to 90 days, so you’ll be able to put on your emerald eyes as often as you like.

Affordable green coloured contact lenses are:

  • Safe for any age
  • Gentle on eyes
  • Sold as a pair, no singles
  • Plano lenses

Buy a pair of gorgeous green coloured contacts in dual or triple tone style today!