Ice Fire Coloured Contact Lenses

Razzle Dazzle your friends and family with Novelty Ice Fire Coloured Contact lenses…

  • All lenses include free storage case
  • Sold only by the pair
  • 90 day wear

You’ll be the star of the show! Give your mood and eyes a lift with these wild novelty lenses. Four pronged white star radiates from the iris of your eye and is surrounded in a sensational cerulean blue. Ice Fire coloured contacts are an ideal Halloween accessory.

Whether you decide to wear one or both, these special effect contact lenses go on easily and because they are made of 38% water, they are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

Who? Anyone can wear these high impact Ice fire coloured contacts. From teens to adults, you can add a special look to any coloured eyes.

What? Unlike prescription contact lenses, Plano lenses won’t affect your vision. Designed to fit most people’s eyes, they measure 14.3 mm in diameter and have a base curve of 8.6 mm. Like all our novelty lenses, Ice Fire colour contacts are sold by the pair only.

Wear? Don’t believe the myth that says contact lenses are hard to care for. Simply remove each lens at night to clean and rinse them. Then store them safely aware from dirt and dust in the free contact lens case that comes with each pair you purchase. Use any multi-use contact solution. When properly cared for you can expect your lenses to last for up to 90 days.

Hey you with the stars in your eyes! Buy your pair of Ice Fire coloured contact lenses today!