Knockout Coloured Contact Lenses

Be knockout gorgeous with our Knockout Crazy Coloured Contacts…

  • Free contact lens case
  • Only sold in pairs
  • Wear up to 90 days

You’ve always wanted your friends to call you a knockout, but you never thought it would be so much fun! Head out to a crazy party or event wearing these cartoons-like Knockout Contact Lenses and bask in all the attention.

Fun to wear in just one eye or both, count on these 38% water based novelty lenses to keep both your peepers staying comfortable.

Who? Knockout colour contacts are suitable for any eye colour and safe for everyone. Even if you’ve never worn contact lenses before, you’ll find our lenses soft and easy on the eyes.

What? Cosmetic lenses won’t affect your vision. Designed for the best fit for most eye shapes, our lenses have a base curve of 8.6 mm and measure 14.2 mm in diameter.

Wear? Knockout coloured contact lenses will last for up to 90 days. We recommend you remove lenses each night to clean them. Store them in the free storage case provided.

Order a new pair of Knockout Colour Contacts today and we’ll ship them right to your door.