Manson Contact Lenses

Show your mood to the world with our Manson colour contact lenses

Did you know that Marilyn Manson wore his eye colours according to his moods? Now you can, too. When you’re in the mood for something outrageous, pop those peepers with red or white Manson coloured contacts.

You might worry about freaking your friends out, but you won’t have to worry about how your eyes feel. Our lenses are 38% water so eyes stay moist and comfortable for hours. In fact, if it wasn’t for the occasional frightened screams, you might forget you’re wearing them!

Wear your Manson contact lenses for up to 90 days. Special effects lenses create a new look for your eyes without changing your vision. People who buy Manson coloured contacts sometimes wear one lens at a time.

Special occasion Manson coloured contact lenses are ideal for Halloween, rock concerts or just going wild with your friends.

Manson coloured contact lenses are:

  • Safe for teens to wear
  • Water based for comfort
  • Sold as pairs only, no singles
  • Fashion lenses; won’t correct vision


Buy a pair of Mason contact lenses for the shock rocker that lurks within!