Red Cat Eye Coloured Contact Lenses

Take their breath away with Red Cat Eye Coloured Contact lenses…

  • Free contact lens case
  • All contacts sold in pairs
  • Wear for up to 90 days

Going on a cat prowl tonight? You’ll be on top of your feline game with a new pair of red cat eye contact lenses.

Our red cat eye coloured contacts are easy to put on and since they are made of 38% water they breathe so eyes stay comfortable longer. So, go ahead and stay out late!

Who? It doesn’t matter what your natural eye colour is, our special effect contacts look fantastic on everyone.

What? Red cat eye crazy coloured contact lenses are novelty lenses that are sold in pairs. They don’t alter day or night vision. Designed to fit most eyes, they measure 14.3 mm in diameter and have a base curve of 8.6 mm.

Wear? Water based contacts are designed with your comfort in mind. Use cleaning and storage solutions as instructed and you’ll be wearing your lenses daily for up to 90 days. Simply remove them at night and store them in your free contact lens carrier.

Buy red cat eye contact lenses today and let them see why you’re the cat’s meow.