Red Contact Lenses

Turn on your devilish charm with striking red coloured contact lenses

While most people are trying to get the red out of their eyes, you’ll be putting it in with our red coloured contacts. Practice your purr-fect cat-like moves with our red cat eye coloured contacts or grab your pitch fork and head out the door for a night of wicked fun with your closest friends with our red devil coloured contact lenses.

Wear red contacts every day. Safe enough to wear every day, our 38% water based red coloured contacts go on easy. Keep them clean and wear them for up to 90 days.

Special effect red coloured contact lenses are ideal to wear as novelty lenses for Masquerade parties, Halloween bashes or simply as a fun dramatic everyday look.

With our premium quality red contact lenses you get a wild look without paying unnatural prices.

Special effect lenses are:

  • Safe to wear at any age
  • Water based formula for comfort
  • Each separate style sold as a pair
  • Fashion lenses; won’t correct vision

Buy red coloured contacts today and go out in a blaze of colour!