Smiley Coloured Contact Lenses

Smiley Coloured Contact Lenses spread sunshine all over the place…

  • Complementary lens case included
  • Smiley Coloured Contacts sold as pairs
  • Daily wear; up to 90 days

Like the song says, grey skies are gonna clear up…put on a happy face! You might get tired of counting all the smiles as people notice your new Smiley Contact Lenses.

Your eyes won’t be tired, though. Count on the all day comfort of our 38% water based fashion lenses.

Who? Whatever your natural eye colour, our fashion forward contacts are marvellous for everybody.

What? Unlike corrective lenses, our contacts won’t affect your vision. Made to fit most people’s eyes, they measure 14.3 mm in diameter and have a base curve of 8.6 mm. Like all our novelty lenses, Smiley coloured contacts are sold by the pair only.

Wear? When properly cared for, you can wear our quality contacts daily for up to 90 days. Be sure to remove lenses nightly, placing them safely in your free lens storage case.

You’ll look so good you’ll be glad you decided to smile! Buy a pair of Smiley Coloured Contact Lenses for yourself and a pair for a happy faced friend.