Spider Web Coloured Contact Lenses

Weave the finishing touch on your Halloween costume with our Spider Web Coloured Contact Lenses…

  • Free contact carry case
  • All Spider web contacts sold in pairs
  • Wearable for 90 days

The spider is a weaver of the past into the future, a destroyer, teacher and at times even a trickster.

The spider represents Fate. With our spider web coloured contacts you’re not only destined to look your sleek and spidery best, you’ll feel just how comfortable our 38% water lenses can be.

Who? Safe for any eye at any age, teens and adults love the intricate web design of these high impact spider web crazy contact lenses.

What? Sold in pairs, Plano lenses are for cosmetic use only and won’t alter vision. Whether you decide to wear one web or two, our lenses fit most eyes, measuring 14.2 mm round, with a base curve of 8.6 mm.

Wear? Spider web colour contacts are 38% water content, so you can wear them comfortably for 90 days. Use the same multi-use solutions available for all soft contact lenses. When you buy a pair, we give you a free storage case to keep your lenses dirt and dust-free. Take them with you for an instant new look and surprise your friends.

Order a pair of Spider Web Contact Lenses for your next Halloween bash and we’ll ship them right to your door.