Spiral Coloured Contact Lenses

Take our wild and crazy Spiral Coloured Contact Lenses out for a spin…

  • Free lens storage case
  • Sold in pairs only
  • 90 day wear

Some optical illusions are too much fun to ignore!

Wear these special effect contact lenses out clubbing and soon you’ll have all your closest friends in a trance like state. Rockers love to wear these 38% water lenses on stage because they stay on and feel comfortable.

Who? It doesn’t matter what your natural eye colour is. Everyone’s eyes look wild and wonderful wearing our spiral crazy coloured contacts.

What? Our special effect or Plano lenses won’t affect your eyesight. Spiral coloured contact lenses have a standard base curve of 8.6 mm and are 14.2 mm round. This standard size fits most eyes.

Wear? Water based contacts are designed for comfort. Use cleaning and storage solutions as instructed and you can wear your lenses safely for up to 90 days. Simply remove them at night and store them in your free contact lens carrier. Throw them in your bag and take them anywhere.

Is it real or an optical illusion? Order your Spiral Contact Lenses today and keep them guessing!