Triple Tone Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

Blondes really only have more fun when they wear our Triple Tone Brown Coloured Contacts…

  • Free contact carrying case
  • Sold by the pair
  • 90 day wear
  • No prescription needed

Blondes may have more fun, but do we really have to mention how many oh-so-famous singers, dancers and actresses have beautiful brown orbs? The good news is that it’s never been easier to change your eye colour for a day, a night or every day.

You say you love the look of our brown coloured contacts, but contacts seem like such a hassle? Our highly breathable, 42% water contacts glide on easily and are gentle on the eyes.

Who? Triple tone brown colour contact lenses are a treat for anyone who wants an electrifying new look. Even first time wearers find our cosmetic lenses easy to apply.

What? Fashion lenses aren’t like prescription lenses. They don’t alter eyesight. Made to fit most eye shapes, they measure 14.2 mm in diameter and come with a base curve of 8.6 mm. Wear them as a fun cosmetic accessory.

Wear? Our water based coloured contacts are easy to care for. Wear them comfortably for up to 90 days after you open them. Use a standard contact lens cleaning and storage solution to clean them. Then place them in your free contact lens storing case until the next event. Presto, you’re ready to go!

Buy a pair of our value priced three tone brown colour contacts today!