Triple Tone Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Give your eyes gorgeous natural-looking highlights with Triple Tone Hazel Coloured Contact lenses…

  • Come with a free carry case
  • Sold by the pair only
  • Wear for as long as 90 days
  • No prescription necessary

Longing for the look that nature intended for your eyes?  Even Mother Nature loves our hazel coloured contacts.

Triple toned lenses have a dark outer rim, a splash of golden sienna and a light shade of almond close to the pupil. These fashion lenses add a warm glow to your face and enhance your hair colour.

42% water formula is ultra gentle on the eyes and easy to apply. High breathability makes these lenses ideal for daily wear.

Who? Even if you’ve never worn contacts before, you can relax because our Triple tone hazel coloured contacts are safe and gentle on your eyes. Teens love them and first time wearers are always thrilled at how easy they are to apply and remove.

What? Plano lenses are for cosmetic use only. They don’t alter eyesight but are fun to wear along with your corrective eye glasses. Contacts are 14.2 mm in diameter, with a base curve of 8.6 mm.

Wear? When properly cared for your fashion lenses will last as long as 90 days. Just think a great new look you can wear every day for up to 3 full months! Clean and rinse them with any standard soft contact lens solution. Frequent flyer? With the included free contact carrying case you can pack and take them everywhere.

Stock up on savings with affordable three tone hazel colour contacts. Order by the pair today!