Violet Contact Lenses

Show them your soft sophisticated side with Violet coloured contact lenses

Want unforgettable, exquisite eye colour? You’ll never look back with these gorgeous purple contact lenses. People with violet eyes are natural born leaders and enlightened souls.

Violet contact lenses for daily wear. Step away from the ordinary with beautiful violet coloured eyes. Select from two eye catching tones. Dual tone violet lenses have a dark outer rim with a deep violet centre. Offering an appealing triple-faceted dimension, three tone style lenses have dark outer rims, with a splash of violet followed by light gold. Our 42% water lenses are highly breathable, easy to apply and very comfortable even on the most sensitive eyes.

Wear violet colour contact lenses for special occasions. Take your violet eyes out on the town! With proper care your purple contact lenses last up to 90 days, so you’ll be able to flash your violet orbs as often as you like.

Purple coloured contact lenses are:

  • Safe for teens and up
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes
  • Sold in pairs, no singles
  • For cosmetic use only

Buy a pair of violet contact lenses in extraordinary dual or triple tones!