White Out Coloured Contact Lenses

Don’t go on another zombie walk without a pair of White Out Coloured Contact Lenses…

  • Complementary lens storage case included
  • White Out Contacts sold by the pair
  • Wear up to 90 days after opening

Zombie walks and Zombie pub crawls are all the rage. No zombification is complete without that walking dead look in your eyes.

Wear them to a concert, party or join a local Thriller dance group. Wherever you roam you’ll be wearing the oh-so-dead expression that all the savvy zombies are going for this season. Carry on comfortably for hours with our highly breathable, 38% water based coloured lenses.

Who? Zombies of any eye colour and age look perfectly dead in our white out colour contacts. First time wearers find them easy to apply.

What? Fashion lenses have a base curve measurement of 8.6 mm and a diameter of 14.2 mm. This size provides optimal fit, without moving. It’s a myth that contact lenses can get lost behind the eye. Your eyes have a protective barrier that will never let this happen.

Wear? Taking care of your white out coloured contact lenses is a breeze. Once opened, they can be worn comfortably for up to 90 days. Just be sure to keep them clean and store them safely in your free carrying case.

Walk and moan with the best of them. Get a pair of affordable White Out Crazy Coloured contacts for yourself and one for all your zany zombie friends.