Yellow Hypnotic Coloured Contact Lenses

Look deep into their eyes with your new Yellow Hypnotic Colour Contact Lenses…

  • Free contact lens storing case
  • Yellow hypnotic contacts sold in pairs
  • Wear up to 90 days after opening

You are eyelids are getting heavy; you are getting sleepier and sleepier. You’ll be too busy focusing on all the fun to know who you put into a trance with these zany yellow hypnotic colour contacts.

Take your hypnotic eyes out on the town. They go well with all kinds of themes and make a great theatre accessory and because they are made of 38% water, your eyes won’t get stage fright even if you do!

Who? Whatever your natural eye colour is, our special effect yellow hypnotic coloured contacts look incredible on everybody. Our lenses are safe to wear for teens and adults alike.

What? Novelty lenses aren’t like prescription lenses. They won’t help or hinder eyesight. Made to fit most eye shapes, they measure 14.3 mm in diameter and come with a base curve of 8.6 mm. Wear them as a fun costume accessory.

Wear? Our water based yellow hypnotic coloured contacts are easy to care for. Wear them comfortably for up to 90 days after you open them. Use a standard contact lens cleaning and storage solution to clean them. Then place them in your free contact lens storing case until the next event. That’s all there is to it.

Order a pair of Yellow Hypnotic Coloured Contact Lenses today and have them shipped right to your door.