Zoom In Coloured Contact Lenses

Zoom in on all the action with these fun and stylish zoom in coloured contact lenses…

  • Practical lens storing case included
  • We sell them by the pair
  • 90 days comfort wear

Go from subtle to spectacular with the original Zoom in contact lenses. Dazzle them with a new look that will lift and change your mood instantly.

These Oh so blue Zoom in colour contacts are made of 38% water, so they easily glide onto your eye and feel comfortable all day long.

Who? Whatever your natural eye colour is, it won’t matter. Once you have our zoom in colour contact lenses on everyone will comment on how incredible your eyes look. Safe for teens to adults.

What? Fashion contact lenses are not the same as prescription lenses, so your vision won’t change when you wear them. Made to fit most eye shapes, they have an 8.6 mm base curve and 14.3 mm diameter. Buy Zoom in colour contact lenses by the pair.

Wear? Cleanse your lenses daily and they will last up to 90 days. Remove them at night, clean and rinse them with multi-use contact solution and they are ready to go!

Jeepers Creepers where’d ya get those peepers? Order a pair or two of our Zoom in crazy coloured contact lenses and we’ll ship them to you fast.